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2024 / 02 / 21

ELECFREAKS AI Lens 智慧鏡頭 也能兼容Gigo智高積木了!

Elecfreaks的AI Lens可兼容智高積木了!

很高興跟大家分享這個好消息,AI Smart Lens 智能鏡頭也能兼容智高積木了!!

AI智慧鏡頭套件是與3.3v~5v micro:bit擴充板相容的人工智慧模組,可進行圖形化程式設計,
與Gigo #1409 ROBOTICS WORKSHOP micro:bit 版本和ADD-ON #1409-A 套件配合使用時,
它可實現涵蓋六大主題、總共54 個應用專案,包含:智慧家庭、交通、機器人和自動化、工具、互動遊戲和智能專案。

而智高團隊獨家研發的Gigo 4-pin building block connector,與鏡頭上原有的孔位無縫整合,
使Elecfreaks AI Smart lens能穩穩地與智高積木結合,使用上更加穩固,增強可用性並做到多角度的辨識應用!

Elecfreaks AI 智慧鏡頭和 Gigo 建造模組的結合不僅為教育目的提供了堅實的基礎,
也為各個領域的探索和學習開闢了新途徑,使 STEAM 教育更具吸引力和樂趣。

ELECFREAKS AI Smart Lens Now Compatible with Gigo Building Blocks!

Written by yangyaming February 21, 2024

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you – ELECFREAKS' AI Smart Lens kits are now compatible with Gigo building blocks!

The AI Smart Lens kit is an artificial intelligence module compatible with 3.3V to 5V micro:bit expansion boards. It facilitates graphical programming and can be utilized for various applications such as image recognition, line tracking, ball tracking, color recognition, one-button to the quire, and face tracking. When paired with the Gigo  #1409 ROBOTICS WORKSHOP micro:bit VERSION and ADD-ON #1409-A kits, it enables a total of 54 project applications across six major themes cover real-world applications: Smart Home, Transportation, Robotics and Automation, Tools, Interactive Games, and Intelligent Projects.

ELECFREAKS' AI Smart Lens, equipped with the exclusively developed Gigo 4-pin building block connector, seamlessly integrates with Gigo building blocks. This ensures a stable connection, enhancing usability and enabling multi-angle recognition applications. The combination of Elecfreaks AI Smart Lens and Gigo building blocks not only provides a solid foundation for educational purposes but also adds an element of fun to the learning experience.


With ELECFREAKS' AI Smart Lens now compatible with Gigo building blocks, the possibilities for creative and educational projects have expanded significantly. This integration opens up new avenues for exploration and learning in various fields, making STEAM education more engaging and enjoyable.

This article is reproduced from Jay Lin.

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